For LifeScience, HealthCare, and solution providing companies

Generate 7-8 Figures in New Revenue within 90 Days using our Outbound Infrastructure

Unlock consistent deal flow and get sales meetings with your dream clients

Our Process

Step #1

Build & Install Outbound Infrastrucure

Implement our tried and tested outbound marketing systems to reliably generate leads and sales opportunities.

Step #2

Develop Offer & Craft Sales Messaging

Our copywriting team analyzes your firms unique selling points, and your target markets desires to craft personalized messaging that converts at scale.

Step #3

Analyze Market Feedback

We get real time market feedback, and edit your sales messaging, offer, and sales collateral to reflect your ideal customer's desires & pain points.

Step #4

HyperScale Campaigns

Once key performance indicators are achieved consistently, we scale the winning outbound campaign and reach out to thousands of contacts in your market across multiple channels.

Client Results

Seed Stage MedTEch Startup

First 6-Figure Deal Closed

We helped a VC backed startup selling into Medical Device and Pharmaceutical companies establish product-market fit and close their first 6-Figure deal.

Biotechnology Company

34 Sales Opportunities in 2 weeks

We leveraged our outbound infrastructure and sales process to generate 34 sales opportunities for a client in the biotechnology industry.

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