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We Fully Fund & Manage Outbound Marketing Campaigns

You Only Pay For Qualified Sales Calls

Are You Currently
Struggling With

Acquiring New Customers

Acquiring new customers can be an improbable challenge without a consistent lead generation system

Relying heavily on referrals

Relying heavily on referrals and word of mouth can leave you with an unpredicatable pipeline

Wasting Time & Money

Dead Ends such as SEO, Paid Ads, and agencies that don't produce results can waste significant amounts of Time & Money

Why Choose Us

Pay for Results

We only charge you for qualified sales calls that show up. This aligns our incentives and ensures you get an ROI on our services

AI-Powered Systems

Capitalize on the imminent AI revolution and put your business growth on autopilot

Save Hours Each Day

Stop wasting time prospecting and spend more time on high leverage activities within your business

Our 3 Step Process

Market Research

First, we provide you with an onboarding form to detail your ICP. We then thoroughly analyze your target market and formulate messaging that converts at scale

Outreach Systemization

Next, we leverage AI-Powered outreach systems that bypass Google and Microsoft's filters to land directly in hundreds of prospects inboxes each day

Growth on AutoPilot

Finally, you receive highly qualified sales calls without lifting a finger. Allowing you to aggressively scale your business on autopilot.

About Us

Hi, I'm Hunter Eastland

I'm the founder of EastlandLeads, I've been in digital marketing for 5 years and have found that a majority of B2B businesses struggle to consistenly acquire new customers.After trying every lead generation mechanism under the sun including social media, seo, and ads, I've created a unique client acquisition system that consistently generates new business and puts growth on autopilot.

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